Dark Lord! Go To Work!


Help the Dark Lord to work in his new office


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Dark Lord! Go To Work! is a totally wacky game that puts you in control of the Dark Lord who was recently knocked down from the heavens by a war airplane and is now forced to work in an office building. Like the rest of humanity, he has to start from the bottom up (as an intern in a prestigious company).

Gameplay in Dark Lord! Go To Work! is pretty simple: use our left thumb to walk on any of the three street lanes. Your task here is to dodge all the humans that surround you and get rid of all the demons.

Every time you get to work, you'll witness a pretty entertaining scene in which your character interacts with his supervisor and workmate. But keep in mind that as you advance through the game, your relationship with these characters will get more complicated.

Dark Lord! Go To Work! is a super entertaining arcade that offers a wacky concept as well as really great visuals. The game also includes tons of different skins that you can use to customize your character as well as different demons that you can choose from.

Android 4.1 or greater is required