Dropdom - Jewel Blast


Show off your logic skills in this endless puzzle


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Dropdom - Jewel Blast is a game of skill where you get to put your mind to the test with fun and challenging puzzles. If you're looking for a different sort of puzzle packed with hours of fun, this game will put you to the test in rounds that last as long as your own wits hold out.

The gameplay in Dropdom - Jewel Blast is incredibly simple, making it perfect for both young and old alike. You'll start out the game with a short tutorial that will tell you exactly how to play the game. Your mission is to clear levels from the structure, but you can only get rid of rows if you're able to fill up all the spaces. In order to reach your objective, all you can do is move the pieces from one side to the other, always horizontally, and let them fall down into place.

The difficulty in Dropdom - Jewel Blast lies in the fact that the moves are very limited and the pieces will only fall if you have space for them. Plus, you can't move elements from one place to another if there are obstacles in your way, or vertically. On the other hand, each time you make a move, all the elements will move one space, which will limit your progress and make advancing even more difficult.

In the moment that the blocks reach the top of the screen, the game will be over. Each time you clear a row, you'll get points added to your final score. Try to clear as many rows as you can to get a high score and put yourself to the test as you try to beat your own records every time you play.