A comprehensive fuel log and mileage tracker for your car


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Fuelio is an app for tracking mileage, fuel consumption, and fuel costs for your car. With it, you can control the cost of driving more easily by keeping track of how often you fill up your tank, how far you drive, and how much you spend.

With Fuelio, you can keep separate records for each vehicle you use. This lets you complete operations quickly and easily, recording any expense in seconds.

In the settings, you can change the measurement units, choosing between kilometers and miles, as well as between liters and gallons. You can also make automatic backups on Dropbox or Google Drive and import and export data to an SD card.

Fuelio is an especially useful app if you regularly use one or more vehicles. Now, you can easily keep track of everything related to fuel, including exactly how much you spend.
The Fuelio app lets you manage your vehicle expenses

For those who need to use their car or motorcycle a lot, especially for work purposes, it’s quite important to keep track of your fuel costs. Fuelio is an interesting app that lets you log all your car costs, be they related to gas consumption or any routine repairs, as well as see the data in graphics and exportable analyses that can be tremendously useful if you need to report your expenses for work.
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