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Pokemon GO is the first great game within the Pokemon franchise to finally land on Android. And it's here by the hands of Niantic —the developers of Ingress— with a title that's managed to combine all the original magic of these Nintendo classics, with the best ideas from its initial version. The end result: an adventure where you'll need to get outside and move around if what you really want is to become a true Pokemon trainer.

Any user who's ever played Ingress before will instantly already know what you'll need to do and will immediately understand what the real idea is behind Pokemon GO. Those of you who haven't been on Ingress won't have too many issues either. Basically the game converts your city into a colossal video game scene where you'll get to interact. Thanks to GPS on your Android, your avatar within the game will move along with you wherever you go, that way you'll need to get outside in order to capture Pokemon.

Are you close to a beach or river? It's a good idea to check out those areas specifically in order to find a water Pokemon. Do you need a plant Pokemon for your collection? Maybe it's time to have a picnic. Similarly, whenever you visit PokeStops, which are usually located at interesting places like museums, art galleries, and historical sites you'll be able to gain new items. It's here at these PokeStops where you'll also be able to buy pokeballs and restock before facing off against a rival trainer.

Pokemon GO is an excellent RPG for exploring on Android. It's great in every sense of the word. The game is well optimized, has an elegant interface and fantastic graphics. But, most importantly, is that it has a ton of Pokemon just waiting to be caught.
By Pepe Domínguez
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Android 4.4 or higher required.

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