Kingdom Warriors




A pocket Dynasty Warriors


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The subgenre Musou comes from the Dynasty Warriors saga from Tecmo Koei, whose main hallmark is offering 'hack and slash' games where you have to face hundreds of enemies in a group or alone. Kingdom Warriors takes this idea and adapts it for mobile devices.

Kingdom Warriors is set in the well-known historical period of the three kingdoms, but with everything sweetened with hints of fantasy where magic mixes with the physical abilities of each character. Your job is to complete short missions that will help you improve your equipment and hire new members for your ranks.

The game is controlled with a virtual pad where you can move your character and launch special attacks as you unlock them. Your ability to complete each challenge lies in your ability to use these special attacks wisely.

Just like in other MMO Free-to-Play games, this game offers both single-player and group challenges, PvP battles, limited-time daily events, and other fun things typical of this format.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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